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Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Maciel Investigation Still Underway, Legion of Christ Misinforms Media, Muddying Vatican Waters
Fr. Maciel Sex Abuse Victim Explains Silence (Revised 11/23/04)
The Hartford Courant, 1997. Head of Worldwide Catholic Order Accused of History of Abuse
History of the Accusations Against Marcial Maciel
Gerald Renner's response to an open letter that appears on the Legion of Christ Web site
[1 ]Questioning Fr. Neuhaus'' 'Feathers of Scandal' Defense of Fr. Maciel & RJN's Reply
[2]Reply to Fr. Neuhaus ::The Weight of Sex Abuse Victim Testimonies and Deeper Knowledge of Fr. Maciel-, New Material in
[3] Fr Neuhaus: Why [did the accusers] wait until now and with what intentions?
Father Alberto Athie interviewed by journalist Javier Sicilia regarding his indictment of Marcial Maciel
Marcial Maciel - Our Father Who Art in Helicopter
1956-59 VATICAN INVESTIGATION OF FR. MARCIAL MACIEL LC: Investigators Identity & Polidoro Controversy
HURTFUL FAITH, Maciel - Legion, Clerical Sex Abuse, in Mexican Media and Public
Death of Pope John Paul II and Demise of Black Pope, Fr. Marcial Maciel, LC
Letter to Fr. Neuhaus and Orthodox Catholics Regarding Sexual Abuse Investigation of Fr. Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder
News Spreads of Pope Benedict XVI's Determination to Investigate Maciel Case
Pope-to-Be Reopened Mexican Sex Abuse Inquiry
Legion of Christ Forced to Respond
New Pope, Same Crisis
Life Teen Founder arrested on Sexual Misconduct Charges
William Bennett, another LC apologist,
My Participation in Ongoing Marcial Maciel Sex Abuse Investigation
Letter to the Editor of the New York Times
Open Letter to Pope John Paul II, 1997
It's Sunset Boulevard for the Cardinal Secretary of State
Official ReGAIN Press Release
Vatican restricts ministry of Legionaries priest founder; Move seen as confirmation of sex abuse allegations against Maciel
Vatican to Issue Statement on Sex Abuse
The Wanderer chimes in: Legion of Christ Founder's Public Ministry Suspended
Vatican Disciplines Legionaries' Founder
Spiritual Schizophrenia
Maciel Escapes Harshest Actions; But Sanctions Signal This Pope's Resolve
Legion Leader Faces Sanctions; Report: Vatican To Restrict Ministry Of Maciel, Accused Of Sex Abuse
Gerald Renner Reports for the Hartford Courant and the Tablet on the Sentencing of Maciel
Vatican Punishes a Leader After Abuse Charges
Accusers' Victory Not Complete: Sanctions Against Maciel Don:t Spell Out Guilt
Father Maciel suspended: New allegations against other Legionary priests on the horizon?
Scandal: the story of Fr Maciel
Cardinal Jorge Medina discusses the situation of the Legionaries of Christ Founder
Legion Protector in Vatican is Out
Update on the Situation of the Legion of Christ from Sandro Magister
Someone Is Lying . . .But Is It The 100 Alleged Abuse Victims Or Fr. Maciel?
Marcial Maciel to appear in court in Mexico City

Archbishop Angry Over Catholic Church's Lack of Concern For Abused Children

Yahoo! News - Church Sex Abuse Scandal Heats Up in Mexico Too
Vatican Revisits Abuse Charges Accused Priest Is Close To The Pope ( NEW
Vatican to reopen case against Maciel NEW NCR January 5, 2005
Lawyer says Vatican may review complaints against Legionaries' head Catholic News Service
News30, Hartford, CT Probe Reopened Against Legionaries Of Christ Founder Nine Men Allege Abuse Against Priest
New Legionaries intrigue: Statement on Maciel not issued by agency responsible for sex abuse cases
Sexual Abuse Allegations Against a Top Catholic Re-examined Seven Years of Silence May Come to an End ABC NEWS
Ex-seminarian, authors clash over priest
SNAP Press Statement Statement Regarding Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of Legionaires of Christ Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Chicago Sun-Times George: Pope focused on scandal
New Pope, Same Crisis The notorious case of the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, a powerful Mexican priest who founded his own order and lives in its seminary in Rome, suggests that the pope7339;s approach to this issue may be evolving.
To Pope Benedict XVI: This Church is all of us.
The New Pope and the Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal ChronWatch by Gregory Borse
The Legionaries of Christ: Fr. Maciel's Trial Draws Nearer
Legion's news traced to Vatican ally (June, 2005)
Maciel Scandal Won't Go Away 06/07/05
Hint of how the Vatican could handle the founder of the Legionaries of Christ
The First Sentence from Prefect Levada Makes the Legion Tremble
Benedict passes first big test, but internal reform matters more
This is the original Spanish Text of the Open Letter to Pope John Paul II concerning Marcial Maciel and sexual abuse.
Legion Leader Faces Sanctions by Gerald Renner
CNN: Pope censures Mexican priest after abuse probe
Slap in the face or on the wrist? Legionaries stay on task despite penance of its charismatic founder
Fr. Maciel Is Disciplined by the Holy See: What Will the Legionaries Do Now? An editorial From The New Oxford Review
Pope: Clergy sex abuse wounds 'run deep' Associated Press

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