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Matt Abbott's view on Legion of Christ controversy NEW
Mahony Better Watch Out for Legion of Christ
Some Critical of Cheshire Order (Record -Journal, Connecticut)
Victim advocates focus on Vatican role in Catholic abuse crisis
Catholic Gathering Gets Mixed Reaction
National Catholic Reporter: Maciel Case Belies Church Promises to Combat Abuse
Legion/National Catholic Register vs. the New Oxford Review
Father Maciel Scandal in the Mexican media [Spanish language article]
Accusations against Father Maciel in the Mexican media (Spanish/English)
Neighbors seek to oust religious order (Norcross, GA)
Planners to table women's dorm expansion (Norcross, GA)
Accused priests stay close to Rome (The Dallas Morning News)
News from Mexico and Spain
NCR and the Legion: an explanation (NEW)
With Elite Backing A Catholic Order Has Pull in Mexico
The Papacy's Black Cossacks
What the French Think of the Legion of Christ
ZENIT.ORG: Good News and Bad News
Follieri, Sodano, and the Legion of Christ
Mind Control Techniques Used By The Regnum Christi Movement
A New Low
Saving What can Be Saved
Awaiting Vatican Action
LC Acknowledge Sexual Abuse of Minor Seminarians by Their Founder
Pope Considers Hand Picked Commissioner To Run Legion
I'm Sorry For What Our Founder Did To You
Abuser's Catholic Order Awaits Vatican Judgment
Rome Has Spoken
ReGAIN Friends React to Vatican Statement on Legion
Bishop Watty Comments
Genevieve Kineke Speaks on NPR Radio About Legion Scandal
Gateway Parents Object to Forced Spiritual Direction and Retreats as Recruitment Tools
Archbishop Velasio DePaolis Named As Vatican Delegate to Lead Reconstitution of the Legion
Maciel's Son Raul Gonzalez Sues The Legion and Describes Sexual Abuse By His Father
Radical Reform In Store For Legion
Radical Reform In Store For Legion
Archbishop Velasio DePaolis Named As Vatican Delegate to Lead Reconstitution of the Legion
Recent Homily by Archbishop Velasio De Paolis Presented to Legionaries of Christ Members in Rome
Pope Grants His Delegate Sweeping Powers to Take Full Command of Legion
Maciel's Ghost Still Haunts the Castle, According to Active Legionary Priest
Profile of Father Joseph Tobin, Newly Appointed as Archbishop Elect Secretary for the Congregation for Religious
BBC Newsnight Report Maciel Situation Places Dark Cloud Over Papal Visit to UK
Spanish Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez of Valladolid, Spain Appointed to Lead Vatican Investigation into Regnum Christi
Second Letter From Delegate October 20, 2010
Are The LC Leaders Refusing To Leave?
Ex Legionaries Thoughts About LC Reform and Current Situation
A Major Blow to The Legion Fr Santiago Oriol, A Major Superior in Spain Departs
Power Money and Mind Control
Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Acted Slowly, Late In Legion Scandal
End In Sight For Current Legion Leaders Who Covered Up For a False Prophet
Gambling With History - Part I of Jason Berry's December 2010 Article
Whitewashing History Part II of Jason Berry's December 2010 Article
Legion Bombs in France
Legion Empire Crumbling?
EWTN To Acquire National Catholic Register
Fr. Richard Gill Ex Legionary Priest Asks Can The Legion Be Repaired?
The Scandal of the Legionaries of Christ John Paul II's Greatest Failure?
Cardinal Sodano's Peripheral Issues
Departure of Juan Pedro Oriol From the Legion
Special Vatican Meeting June 13 Curia Leaders Discuss Pitfalls of Excessive Devotion To A Religious Founder
Blazquez Visitation Report To Be Presented to the Vatican
Father Luis Garza Steps Down as Vicar General of the Legionaries of Christ
Top Cult Expert Steve Hassan Interviews ReGAIN's Paul Lennon
The Case of the Legion of Christ: History and Current Status or The Legion of Christ Reformed from the Outside
Legion Feeling The Pinch
Lawsuit Against Legion By One of Fr Maciel's Victims His Own Son Is Going Forward in Connecticut
Zenit Founder and Director Forced Out By Legion
Vatican Proposes Autonomy For Women In Cult-Like Group Within Troubled Legionaries of Christ
Exodus as Pope's Legion Reform Lags- Nicole Winfield Associated Press Article Publicizes Real Reasons Why Reform Is Needed
Vatican Commissioner DePaolis Says Regnum Christi Rules Are Invalid
Regnum Christi Leader Malen Oriol And 30 Other Consecrated Women Depart
Autonomy For Regnum Christi
Totus Tuus - Malen Oriol Forms New Association of the Faithful
The Will to Disregard/ A New Book by Maciel Victim Jose Barba Shows Vatican Repeatedly Covered Up Facts for Decades
Were Canon Laws Altered to Soften Punishment For Father Maciel?
Legionaries of Christ Plan To Sell Thornwood - Their Massive New York Formation Center
Legion Admits They Knew About Father William's Child But Did Nothing
ICSA Executive Director Speaks Out At Montreal Conference Re Legion Fruits
DePaolis Calls For Intense Reflection Period for LC and RC As Part of Reform
Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Offload Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Friend, Teacher, and Supporter
Exiting Legionary Priest Makes Serious Accusations About His Dismissal and Against His Superiors' Actions
Legionary of Christ Missionary Lambastes Bishop and Order in Cancun Area
Scicluna, The Hunter of Pedophiles, Has Been Hunted Out of The Vatican
Alvaro Coucuera, Legion Superior General Steps Aside Unexpectedly
Maciel's Son Is Charged With Aggravated Extortion By Legion and Jailed
Media Groups Want Legionary Papers Regarding Mrs. Mee Case Unsealed
Message from Bishop-elect Scicluna‏ to Paul Lennon, President of ReGAIN
Legionaries of Christ Sued for $1 Million
Legion Lawyer Appeals to Keep Mrs. Mee Case Facts Hidden From Public View
Popular Former Legionary Priest Father Morris Shares How Pope Benedict's Courage Changed His Life
Irish Times What Will The New Pope Do About The Legion Scandal?
Correction and Apology Re Story About Father Peter Byrne Departing From Legion After Being Banned From Visiting Mexico - He Did Not Leave the Legion
Pope Signals Legion of Christ Reform to Continue
Father Deomar De Guedes Vaz, Legionaries of Christ Number 2 Man Steps Down
Pain, Mutual Distrust, Tensions and Disenchantment In The Legionaries of Christ
Pope Francis Sets Up Advisory Commission on Sex Abuse
Cardinal DePaolis Raises Confusion Whether Reform Has Started Yet
Legion Elects New Director General and Other Leaders

Legionaries of Christ Declared Cured and Cleaned by Vatican Delegate as He Takes His Leave

Did the Legionaries of Christ Wrongly Coerce, Defraud and Deceive a Wealthy Benefactor? - Rhode Island Case Is Moving Ahead

Departing Legionary Disappointed With Falsehood, Manipulation and Cover-ups
Vatican to Name New Adviser to Oversee Legion
Jesuit Father Ghirlanda Appointed as Pontifical Advisor to Legion

Legionary Priest Compares Maciel to Magdalene and Later Apologizes

Greenville R.I. Formation Centre To Close at End of Academic Year

Prominent Legionary of Christ Priest Convicted of Child Abuse in Chile
Catholic News Service: Minnesota archbishop bars Legionaries from his archdiocese NEW
ABC 20/20 Priestly Sin, Cover-Up Powerful Cardinal in Vatican Accused of Sexual Abuse Cover-Up By Brian Ross
The Journal News - Legion Has Its Critics
Legion and RC BANNED from Diocese of Columbus, OH. Download the policy (Notice given at the bottom)
Our Lady of Infinite Division (Parish Fights LC)
Inside the NCR - Tom Roberts National Catholic Reporter, August 16, 2002 [corrected 08/30/2002]
Power, Control, and the Legion of Christ - A Study
Pope Visits Mexico as Scandal Festers
Why Hasn't Legion Founder Been Defrocked? by Ruth Bertels
A Church Without Sanctuary - by Ruth Bertels
Decision on Catholic dorm delayed
Baltimore Holds Conservative Catholic Group Meeting 7/13/2002
Vatican Approves Regnum Christi Statutes
TEAM 8 WTNH CHESHIRE INVESTIGATES- PART ONE Investigation into the Legionaries of Christ (reposted from May 13, 2002)
TEAM 8 WTNH CHESHIRE INVESTIGATES- PART TWO Investigation into the Legionaries of Christ (reposted from May 14, 2002)

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